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  • Happy Art Owner

    Posted on January 13 2021

    Happy Art Owner
    Today I got to drop off my first true cellular masterpiece ‘Aztecha’ to it’s new owner...
  • Why I Create Affordable Art For Everyone

    Posted on October 28 2020

    Why I Create Affordable Art For Everyone
    I believe everybody should be able to afford a piece of originality in a world of mass ...
  • For The Lightworkers

    Posted on October 07 2020

    For The Lightworkers
    We've come from the light and to it we'll all return...but what about the in-between?
  • Art The Science Feature

    Posted on August 21 2020

    Art The Science Feature
    I'm so excited to be a featured creator with Art the Science, Canada's not for profit SciArt organization!
  • Forgotten Tongue

    Posted on April 26 2020

    Forgotten Tongue
    Forgotten Tongue. What inner language have we forgotten? What parts of ourselves have ...