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The Intention

Welcome to The Garden of My Art.

The intention of my art is to bring light into the viewers life and to reflect to us our own dynamic nature.

The materials used are textured, light reflective and dynamic. The canvas’s themselves are alive with light and dimension as they change appearance depending on the light in the room or the angle from which you view them.

They are divinely guided and created by love, just like us.
They are always changing and reflecting light, just like us.
They are meant to bring peace and beauty to their surroundings, just like us.

I create these pieces to emit light and to remind us that with light at the centre of our life we can see clearly and we can love brighter. The more light we harness in our lives, the more beautiful our lives will shine, the more love you’ll be able to share with others and as a result, the more incredible our collective creation becomes.

Lastly, but with the most importance, I create these pieces to encourage you to begin your own creations. Plant the seeds of that which you want to sow in your own life, and like a garden does, just focus on growing.

The light is around us, the light is within us and only the light shall guide our lives.

In light and with love,