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Serenity Flower



The centre represents our inner light. Our bright and brilliant luminescent light nature, nothing can dim our bright and it’s alway shining differently in various situations, but is always beautiful. The little flowers throughout the cracks are what bloom from the cracks within us, feminine, fragile, strong, beauty.  The outer petals, inwards and outwards represent our different selves, sometimes we’re round and soft and other times we’re a little pointy and sharp and that’s perfectly okay because both have their place and make us dynamic and unique day to day.  The outer maroon colour represents mother natures deep and nourishing soil always there for us to dig into and ground with.

Lastly I’ve called this beauty the serenity flower because there is ultimate strength in surrendering to the divines plan for our lives which brings deep peace and serenity. Once we can surrender and breathe in gratitude for what is we can take a deep exhale throw our arms up and fall backwards into faith realizing we have always been caught and cradled in creations deep love for us.  

Deep breath in.
Deep breath out.
Serenity now.

A beautiful commission from a loving sister to her big sister.

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