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Dreamscapes @ Steam Whistle

Dreamscapes @ Steam Whistle

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on February 17 2018

Everyone dreams, since the dawn of civilization dreams have been the subject of human wonder. Our dreams have the ability to inspire us and give us hope, to take us on imaginative journeys, to give new direction in life and even to bring back memories long forgotten. Jasmine Virginia and EC Mazur are proud to present Dreamscapes, a show of art inspired by dreams. 

Jasmine's dreams inspired her work with mixed media to create light reflective art that transforms before the viewers eyes as their perspective of the piece shifts or the light in the room changes. Just like dreams, their beauty is ever changing and she hopes her pieces remind you of your own innate light nature and transformative powers. 

EC Mazur creates doorways into the imagined landscapes of her dreams in stark black and white. Working with ballpoint pen she creates detailed scenes she encourages the viewer to peer into. She's inspired by the beauty of nature, the starry and unexplored universe and the part of human nature that connects us across all cultures and generations - our love of telling stories.

For the month of April, Jasmine and ECMazur invite you to Steam 
Whistle Brewing to view the Dreamscapes show. They hope you’ll join them to step away from the everyday and into the stuff dreams are made of.


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