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Jasmine Virginia

Posted on April 20 2020

Cells...they just blow my brain! I mean w have trillions of them in our body at one time working to keep us alive in complex ways. Did you  know when they're healthy they emit a glow under a microscope? Did you also know scientists have shown at the moment of human conception a flash of light gets emitted as the sperm and egg connect... we are literally LIGHT incarnate down to the cellular level! Wow! 'Aztecha' is my most intricate cell to date made with real crystals, mother of pearl, turquoise, chain, feathers, beads and more! It's an absolute stunner and meant as a meditate mandala to bring health and wellness to your space! Imagine doing yoga or meditating under this beauty. It charges you up and is always emitting an ever changing gorgeous light! 

Send me a message if you're interested in this beauty, it's available and looking for the right home!


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