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What it means to be an ‘Artist’

What it means to be an ‘Artist’

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on December 04 2016

What would you rather fight for than against?

Often times people will say something to me along the lines of ‘its very brave of you to be an artist”…and the truth is…it’s not really brave at all, I simply don’t have a choice.

If I did have a choice perhaps I’d choose a path with less struggle, more security, more stability and more interaction with others…because lets face it…being an artist is quite lonely.

But I say I don’t have a choice because anytime I’ve turned by back to my music or my art my soul goes into revolt through apathy, sadness, lethargy and other less than pleasant emotions…I believe we call it ‘depression’. And I know it’s depression because though i’m sitting in an office making some income, i’m really not living upto my potential, i’m not working creating something meaningful, i’m not enjoying my time, and thus my life….and what is the point if we’re not enjoying our life?

So I’m really not brave at all, its simply that I don’t have a choice…the choice seems to be make art, musical or visual or live life knowing I’m meant for something else and suffer the consequences of not living upto my potential. I strongly believe depression is meant to show us that something isn’t in alignment with our souls purpose or our highest good and we should use it to guide us to where we really want to be…doing things that fill us with joy instead of sorrow.

So I’m not brave, I just simply don’t have a choice because the alternative to being an artist and all the struggle that comes with it, is a much darker place filled with a different kind of struggle, and we all have to pick and choose our battles in this life. I choose art as my battle.

So again I ask the question, in your life what would you rather fight for than against? I’d suggest picking the battle that brings joy along the way.

The light is around us, the light is within us and only the light shall guide our path,



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