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What is your artistic background?

What is your artistic background?

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on March 30 2018

I became a visual artist in May of 2015 after having a lucid dream that was very clear in it’s message to start making visual art. I followed it’s calling and what’s emerged since then is far beyond my wildest comprehension of what I was even capable of, which just goes to show all of us that when we follow the callings of our soul, magic happens. My background in the arts is in the musical arts. I’ve been singing since I was a young girl and in bands and writing songs for over a decade. I’m still very involved in the music scene as I currently front the Toronto based Alternative Rock band POLARITY. I have no formal visual arts training other than my own trials and errors and I believe everyone is a creative being, it’s simply a matter of finding the form of creativity that makes your soul sing…or sparkle.


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