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We are Creations born of Love

We are Creations born of Love

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on November 01 2016

We create effortlessly.

It’s our nature to create.

We are creations born of love.
Loving beings here to create.
Creative beings here to love.
There is no right or wrong when it comes to creating something, when it comes to brining to manifest something that previously didn’t exist, when it comes to expressing ourselves.

The block comes when we tell ourselves what we created isn’t right, isn’t good enough, isn’t up to the snuff of….somebody else???

What if for a moment we suspended our judgement of ourselves? How would our lives change? How would our creativity open up? How would we flourish?

We’d create sparkling lives beyond our wildest dreams. I know this because it’s happening to my life as I follow my dreams and suspend judgement on what flows through me.

Join me in Garden of My Art as we take in the beauty of this life and our potential as human beings.

The light is around us, the light is within us, and only the light shall light our path.

In light and with love,



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