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I Had A Lucid Dream that Changed My Life…

I Had A Lucid Dream that Changed My Life…

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on November 03 2016

I’ve always been one to encourage others to follow their dreams because I am very well aware of the ill effects my mind, body and spirit face when I’m not in alignment with what my soul came here to do.

Anybody that knows my band Polarity and my musical musings knows that my lyrical content centres around digging through the depths and the darkest parts of your soul to find and uncover the most brilliant parts of yourself, ridding yourself of the fear that holds you back and of course finding balance in your life so you can enjoy the ride as opposed to always feeling tossed in the air and wondering if anything is going to catch you….we’ve all been there, it IS the human experience.

And perhaps because I’ve spent the better part of a decade exploring the tapestry of hard times that leads us to our best times and encouraging others to find their autonomy I was called to a new action though a lucid dream that very distinctly told me it was time to start making art to bring light into peoples lives. I woke up startled by its vivid beauty and sure something within me had unlocked. I followed its calling and what’s emerged since then in a short period of time has been beyond my wildest comprehension of what I was capable of.

It’s beautiful.
It’s sparkling.
It’s ever evolving.
Just like us.

*Deep Breath*

Over the course of the next few weeks i’m going to begin introducing you to the next phase of my own personal evolution in hopes of encouraging you to begin your own creations, because If I can do it, so can you. Just start by planting the seeds of that which you want to sow in your own life, and like a garden does just focus on growing.

Welcome to The Garden Of My Art.

The light is around us, the light is within us and only the light shall guide our paths.

In Light and with Love,


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