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What Influences Your Art?

What Influences Your Art?

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on March 30 2018

Nature and light.

I’m in awe at the beauty and diversity of the natural world. God’s creations are perfect and inspire me to no end, especially flowers, cells within the human body and the vast expanse of space. Take flowers for example, flowers are such beautiful and delicate creations that come from small seeds and have to fight their way through darkness to find the light in order bloom….once they do, even if nobody sees them or recognizes their magnificence, they still exist and emit beauty….that in and of itself blows my mind, and that's just one tiny portion of the natural world we live in.

As for light, I believe we’ve come from a light filled spiritual plane of existence. Ultimately I believe we’re still spiritual beings living in a light based plane however it’s denser. It’s interesting to think about the fact that our eye is basically a light processing camera that turns the light we see into electrical impulses that we can recognize…so everything we see is actually a reflection of light. When the inspiration to make light reflective art came to me I started and couldn’t stop because I knew it was calling to remind humans of their own light nature and reflect to them their own innate beauty.


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