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For The Lightworkers

For The Lightworkers

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on October 07 2020

We've come from the light and to it we'll all return...but what about the in-between? What about this very moment incarnate? I know we can bring the light to earth and I believe doing so is part of humanities mission. Let's all bring our own unique light to this moment and to this world. It's in the collectives best interest to shine bright in our lives resulting in a brighter reality with fulfilled humans living their destiny of divinity.  Do what makes you sparkle from the inside out. Surround yourselves with the people who turn up your bright and create anything that makes time stand still and joy flow freely. This is how we work our light.

I create both music and art as a healing modality not only for myself but for the observer in hopes that it can heal you in some small way as it continues to heal me. May my art whisper a remembrance that you are of the light and are powerful beyond measure, that you are beautiful and radiant and a unique star shining bright.  That you too can make the world a brighter place in your own wonderful way and that together we can manifest the light of love into this world.

The light is around us, the light is within us and only the light shall guide our paths.

The future sparkles,

With love,

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  • Michael Polack: October 27, 2020

    Hey Jasmine. We just met this morning at Bean There. I was with Jim. I quickly listened to a couple of your songs. Hope I’m not insulting you when I say I got a little Avril Lavigne/Alanis Morissette vibe. Not really my style of music, but I really like your voice (and your art)…

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