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The Vision

The Vision

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on September 27 2016

After feeling the calling of making art tugging at my soul I had struggled a few times to put something to canvas, but it never felt right. I knew I wanted textured pieces and I tried for hours to create something, anything…. what I wanted to create, I wasn’t sure yet.

Frustrated I decided to start fresh and paint over a canvas I had been working on. I needed to do something to cover the scattered texture already on the canvas so I got out a box of sequins i’ve had since I was a young girl, I threw them all over the canvas, was immediately dazzled by the colours and decided to leave it to dry.

I set it on an easel in my room right by my bed so that upon awaking I could see the canvas right away and have inspiration possibly hit me, and that it did.

I was awoken by something, something that wanted me to see something because I opened my eyes much earlier than I normally would and my breath was immediately taken away by a ceiling of rainbow colour. My entire ceiling was a rainbow, bits and pieces shone bright and the colours were amazing. I gasped and rubbed my eyes as it dazzled me and I had to question myself to see if was actually seeing what I was seeing, because i had forgotten about the canvas placed at my bedside, but sure enough what i was seeing was real. The sun was shining directly onto the canvas through the very small window in my bedroom and its light was completely illuminating my room.

Immediately visions flashed through my mind of flowers that were alive, that would bring light into the lives of the viewer that would add rainbows to their days.

The inspiration was born of this canvas, it took a few years to get to creating the pieces, but the seed to my garden of art had been planted.

The light is around us, the light is within us and only the light shall guide our path,



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