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Let Go to Let in

Let Go to Let in

Jasmine Virginia

Posted on November 01 2016

Often times in order for us to let in our own light it’s imperative that we let go of that which does not serve us anymore.

We hold on tightly to that which makes us stuck and then we wonder why we can’t move forward and our knuckles are turning white. We feel more comfortable being unhappy than we do venturing out into the unknown to find what it is that truly fills our days with joy, passion and purpose.

I for one have been there, and it’s still something I struggle with.

It’s not easy for any of us to let go and make the leap, but remember, everything you’ve ever wanted lays one step outside of your comfort zone and if you jump and your wings don’t manage to catch you the first time, its okay because the most important thing has already happened… you gained courage to let go and do it again…. and you dust yourself off and you live to create another day.

Is there something holding you back from creating the life you know you came here to live?

Let it go and let in clarity.
Let it go and let in light.
Let it go and let in yourself.

Your return to you will be the most rewarding feeling you’ve had in a long time and don’t forget to welcome yourself home with open arms, love and no judgement.

Go get it, you got this.

The light is around us, the light is within us and only the light shall guide our path,



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